Final Web Comic: Cierra Haken

Panel 3 and 4 on my “Knolly the Armchair” comic. Fall 2019

In class, when we began to look at and read web comics, I was really inspired by Scott McCloud’s “the right number part one and two.” The way this comic zoomed in on each panel to pull the viewer into the story really stood out. My original plan was to recreate a webcomic like this, but when I started looking into it, the only way I could do it with my skill set was through Prezi, which is a website for presentations. Since my comic would not have been created on its own website, because of the nature of our project, i decided to take another route. Using my same story line, I ended up using to create my own website, and made my webcomic a story that is viewed vertically. The format this is in required the reader to scroll down repeatedly in able to read my comic. This brings in viewer participation, because if they wish to read more than only a couple panels, they have to interact with the website by scrolling. When I bring up my comic website on my phone, the site adjusts to a mobile phone, so the comic looks and acts just the same as it does on a computer. If Scott McCloud were to read my comic, I think he would definitely define my story as a comic because I have a story told in a sequence of juxtaposed images. In my comic, we can also look at the passage of time and how in my three panels of people walking past the storefront, you could say that was an action to action panel transition, as explained my Scott McCloud’s understanding comics. 

I decided to use both Photoshop and illustrator in my creation of my comic, because I wanted to create my images using the pen and shape builder tool In illustrator, then transfer over to Photoshop where I could make selections to fill in color. I have found this is the best and most efficient way to create a comic for myself. I also learned to manipulate the art boards on illustrator so I could create one long page to place all my panels on, to emulate what it would look like on the website. I then saved this long page as a jpeg. and placed it Into the Wix website. Using Wix was very simple, as I just placed the one jpeg onto the page and enlarged it to fit the page. This made it easier and quicker for me, as I had many other large projects due around the same time as this one.

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