Final Web Comic: Tom McLean

For my final web comic, I decided to use the website Wix to display my comic online. Initially, I thought about using some HTML to make my own website but I figured that using Wix would give me more time to work on the actual web comic. I wanted to display my comic on a basic website without any distracting features or backgrounds to them. I chose to have the panels being in a scrolling vertical order so that anyone could view it either on a phone or a desktop. The basic ability of just scrolling makes it accessible to most people that have used a basic website in recent times. In order to ensure that my comic would be able to be viewed correctly on a phone or desktop, I used the build in tool on Wix to ensure that my content could be viewed correctly. I believe that Scott McCloud would say that my comic has a simple story arch and gets a point across.

Image from my web comic

The software that I used for this project was Illustrator. I only used illustrator and not Photoshop because I had no need to use any external images that needed editing in Photoshop, everything that I wanted was accessible in Illustrator. In order to keep a good resolution for my website, I kept each art board at the resolution of 1920 x 1080 and inserted each image below one another on my website. This would make loading the images much easier and more fluid due to everything not just being one large image. Something that I learned from this project is that displaying your content online can be a tricky thing to try and do for the first time. The first two projects were straightforwards when presenting them. All I had to do was print them out. This project helped me learn how to present my work online in a professional way. I hope to used this skill in my future work when I need to use an online outlet to display something to people.

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