Final Web Comic: Dahlia Xie

The main inspiration for my web comic was the gif on Eroyn Franklin’s website. I was intrigued by the use of GIFs as a way to portray a comic. During the brainstorming process, I was mainly determined to create a GIF. I also wanted to incorporate illustrator into my comic and also have more user interaction with my comic. For those reasons, I made my web comic two GIFs that I felt incorporated both what I learned from Project 1 and what I learned from Project 2. The first GIF is kind of like a stop motion of items that I scanned in, and the second GIF I just drew in illustrator. I tried connecting the two GIFs to make it seem as though the pencil from the pencil case in the first GIF was being used to draw in the second GIF. To add more user interaction, I made it so that when the user clicks the first GIF, it changes to the second GIF. Unfortunately, even though I wrote code in JavaScript so that the GIFs should change when the user clicks, it only works the first time. After looking up the issue, I found that it doesn’t work because my files are not online. I really like the idea of an interactive web comic and I think I should have added more clarification on how to interact with the comic so that the user knows that clicking on the GIF causes it to change.

Frame from my web comic GIF

My web comic doesn’t work on anything other than device/laptops that have the HTML and GIF files so it isn’t very user-friendly. I think in the future I will post it online because I want to create portfolio soon and I will make sure to make it a little more clear about how to interact with the comic. I think Scott McCloud would say that my web comic is a comic in the sense that film can be considered comics because they are a lot of individual frames. Also, McCloud would likely mention the way I used time in my web comic because there is a sense of time between each frame in the GIFs but there is also the user-controllable aspect of time with the “click to change GIF” part of the comic.

I made my web comic in Photoshop and Illustrator. I scanned the pictures of my pencil case, pencil, and an eraser at Avery after class and then drew the hand and pencil movement in Illustrator using the pen tool. For the GIFs to show up on the localhost website, I had to make sure that the GIF files were in the same folder as the HTML file. Overall, I learned the strengths of each software. I think I still need to familiarize myself with Illustrator a little better but I’ve become very comfortable working with Photoshop and I plan on continuing to use this software in the future for more projects I do in my free time!

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