Final Web Comic: Justin Pardini

For my web comic, I initially only had one thing that I wanted to definitely accomplish, which was to create a comic for vertical viewing. I was inspired to create something that would be easily viewed on mobile phones, which is why I thought vertical swiping would be the most effective way to develop a comic. I chose to make it short so that it wasn’t boring or didn’t carry on for too long. I also wanted it to not contain any dialogue, that way it can leave it up to interpretation for the reader. I think the viewer is interested in my comic just by the simplicity of it. Like previous comics before, I chose to not go in depth in making it realistic, but instead made it more imaginary. I thought this would stimulate the viewer’s creative side and would allow for many different scenarios to arise in their minds. This comic can be viewed on either a computer or a phone, wither way it should translate and be understood easily. I think my comic definitely fits into the definition given by Scott McCloud in that it is in sequence and creates an aesthetic environment for the viewer. I think, if Scott McCloud were to view my comic, he would think that it’s simplicity allows for the readers to think or multiple different outcomes and ways that certain things occurred, which gives stimulation to their minds and allows them to remain entranced by it.

For this comic, I chose to use Adobe Illustrator. I felt more comfortable using this, as I have a little more experience with it and it’s uses, rather then Photoshop. I think Illustrator gives me more ability to create comics that look hand-made, and give me that simplistic look that I was striving to achieve. I also enjoy using the paintbrush and think it is a very versatile and important piece to comic creation. At first, I attempted to create my own website, however, I found I didn’t need to for the type of content I was presenting. Because my comic is seamlessly shown frame-by-frame in a vertical fashion, I felt no need to create a site from scratch. Instead, I chose to use Wix to choose a template and present my piece through their system. This created the perfect site for me and allowed my to adjust and make changes to the page easily. It also made it easy for me to choose different colors and fonts that I wanted on the website, which would have been much more difficult if I were to have made a site myself. I was able to upload my comic as a JPEG to my website, then change the size to make it take up more room on the website. This process helped me learn a lot more about Illustrator than I previously was aware of. I learned how to create more abstract shapes easily, as well as included different textures that can create images that look more life-like, or even more comic-like. I also learned how to explore more color options for backgrounds which helped me pick combinations that were useful to my comic


The Airplane (Frame 1)

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