Final Web Comic: Sydney Seay

Within my project, I utilized the possibility of the different ways my project would appear on the web. I was able to control what is shown at the same time for the most part, and also what the general order would be of the images. This, however, is also a limitation because I cannot control exactly what the viewers of my comic will see depending on what device they are using. I used a very high level of closure within my comic because the images do not have to be in any certain order. My reader will interact with my comic through scrolling through the images. I hope they have to scroll back and forth as well to continue to understand the connections the images have. I think Scott McCloud would say I created a comic that fits his definition and that has a high level of closure.

This is the graphic of a lighthouse that I created to symbolize going to the lighthouse in Charleston that I visit often when I am home.

To create my project, I used Illustrator for the things to do in Charleston, but also used Photoshop for my collaged background. I wanted simple, relatable graphics that can be understood and keep the reader’s attention because they can connect to them. I used Photoshop to collage some of the images that I have taken from sunsets in Charleston. I put my comic on a website using the Wix website maker. I used this because it was very user friendly, and I was able to control almost every aspect of what I wanted the website to look like overall. I wanted a very simplistic site because I am still learning so much Illustrator and Photoshop, so Wix worked great. I used the files that I saved as JPEGS for submission to Kristin and then uploaded those onto the website. I learned again how many ways there are to complete simple tasks in Photoshop and Illustrator, and I also got to continue working on my skills in them. I learned how easy it is to use a website template, and what it takes to create a website, as this was my first time doing that as well. The link to my finished website is

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