Web Comic Final: Elora Buschini

My original idea came to me when we were discussing how to navigate around a website. I knew that I wanted to utilize the scrolling element. This led me to the idea of something flying, or more so falling as you scrolled down the page. I decided to use characters from a previous project of mine. I did this to continue their story, using a new medium and was able to easily involve my scrolling idea. My viewer is supposed to view my comic by just scrolling top to bottom. They will be an able to interact by how they scroll, I set up my website to have large images that take up most of the screen, this way the viewer only sees one thing at a time. The speed of how fast they scroll could determine how much airtime the characters have. The view a cell phone would have would be different because you would be able to see more than one image at a time. The story still follows the same because it is still displayed in the same sequence. I think that my comic would be considered a comic to Scott McCloud because it has images that are viewed in a deliberate sequence that is able to convey information.

I used illustrator because I was inspired by a previous project. I made an animated short film and designed the characters in illustrator for the beginning and ending credits. Since I had already came up with an idea for how I wanted my site to work, I used them as the characters in the story. I used Wix to display my comic just because I have used it before and knew I would be able to achieve the basic lay out I needed. I enjoyed using Wix because it made it easy to arrange my images to be the way I wanted to them. I also was able to add text directly from Wix rather than illustrator of photoshop. If I had wanted a specific font, I would have need to use illustrator, but this allowed me to use “animations” to have my text transition in. This added an additional element of movement that draws the eye in more. So I was happily surprised when I discovered I could implement it into my project. I made each image I was using for my site on a separate artboard. This made it very simple to be able to export for screens. After exporting all my files to be formatted for screen use, Wix had an upload from computer button. Then I could place all the artboards separately where I wanted them. Something that I learned from this project is using multiple artboards at the same time. This let me work on the individual images and make sure they all matched. It made it simple for having all my color swatches in one place. Usually I would have just made a file for each image, which would just be unnecessary.flying solo final

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