Final Poster Comic: Joseph Gardner

Created November 2019 by Joseph Gardner

I made the comic into a clock shape. Instead of reading left to right, the reader views the coming clockwise starting on the lightest color to the darkest, which is at the top of the image.

I think I could have made it a little more clear that it’s a clock, with maybe hands or space in between the different sections. Right now it just looks like a gradient.

I put several reoccurring pool toys and characters in the image. I made it that way so people wouldn’t think that they’re all different people. I kept a pretty simple color scheme between the image. This helped with the visual consistency the same shapes guided the eye.

I also copied and pasted several of the people to keep consistency. I wanted to slow down the pacing a little bit, and by doing that i think it was effective.

I also added the difference in colors to signify changing time. It starts at 1 PM, with bright blue water. The further that I went, the darker I made the water. People naturally look at the brightest part of the image, so people would be drawn to the bright blue first.

I decided to not include space in between frames. I wanted it to be pretty fast paced, so I kind of let the color bleed into the frames. I used mostly scene to scene closure because it matched up with the clock theme.

I did not use any words. I wanted to tell the story completely through images to encourage the viewer to interpret it on their own, sort of as a murder mystery style.

I think the comic describes the passage of time well. Once you get that it’s a clock, I think it shares it’s message effectively. I think that it is inventive because it’s hard to convey time through comics, and I did so in a different way than I’ve ever seen. It’s very literal but it also asks the reader to kind of solve a riddle.

This was my first time using Illustrator. I learned a lot that was new, including how to manually draw things by hand. I learned how to make live art, which I used for most of the project.

I used a really simplistic style partly because of my limitations with the software, and partly because I wanted the image to be clear. The lines were all pretty soft and squiggly. This might have led viewers to take the project less seriously than they would have. It was easier to make squiggly lines than solid straight lines in my opinion. I also couldn’t figure out how to use the pen tool as effectively as I could have.

I was limited by my software slightly. I couldn’t figure out how to make live art for a while, so that really slowed down the process.

The pen tool was the most helpful. I used it to section off the lines in the circle, along with using the rotate tool to section up the circle evenly as possible.

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