Final Poster Comic: Zach Morgan

Audible Emotion, my Final Poster Comic

In an effort to create a unique comic, I thought it would be interesting to turn a song into a comic and attempt to convey the emotion of the song to the reader. I decided to break up the song into panels and each panel is a verse by a different artist. As the author of the comic, I undermine a reader’s normal expectations of how and in what order to read each of the panels. With that, I make sure to guide the reader through the comic by indicating what point in the song each of panels take place by using a timestamp. This allows the reader to know exactly where they should be in the song, which then allows the reader to critically think what emotion is trying to be conveyed at a certain point of the song/comic. Similarly, the closure that occurs in this comic seems to be purely emotional. Because this is in the format of a song, I did not add any actual characters to the comic, which means that all of the information is conveyed through words and the pictorial elements. This is an example of a word-specific word-image combination. Between the first two panels, the reader has to decide how long the first panel lasts and what happens in between the end of the first panel and the beginning of the second panel. This is an example of subject-to-subject closure. Overall, my comic describes the passage of time through telling the reader exactly how long each panel should last. This is inventive because it allows the reader to follow along with the song and the comic and be able to stay on track with both.


Creating this project was only the second time I had used Illustrator. Although I feel like I learned most of the features with my first time using it, I felt very comfortable with it and was mostly reminded of things, rather than learning new things. Because this comic is word-heavy, I wanted to really pay attention to the fonts I used. Each font indicates something else. I have my basic font, which is shown in the body text, title and subtitle. Another way that I use lettering is to indicate which artist is currently on the song, so I made a different textual design for each of the artists (J.I.D, J Cole, and Vince Staples). I did feel limited in Illustrator because I had to make all iconography myself and I am not yet very experienced in the program. I think the most useful tutorials were all of the pen tutorials as it allowed me to make a cool logo for J.I.D.



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