Final Poster Comic: Keanna Maki

Becoming A Butterfly By Keanna Maki

This project was a good balance between being both difficult and enjoyable for me. One of the biggest challenges I faced was finding an idea that I wanted to do for this project because all of it was pretty much based on how you personally wanted to create it in the end. I really struggled to figure out ideas that would fit. There was so much flexibility and possibilities that this project allowed me to work with. The only struggle I faced was not being proficient in Illustrator. In the beginning of my creative plan for this project, I focused a lot on the Illustrator tutorial videos to help me figure out the basics of the program and what I could do for this comic. In this comic, it is centered on a caterpillar who is seeking a home to fulfill its transformation into a butterfly. I have designed illustrations of the caterpillar’s journey to get there.

One of the big tasks in this project was to communicate the passage of time. I accomplished this in my project by displaying the background from nighttime to daytime at certain points. It is brief and short, but I think it captures the passing of time. I even have leaves that have changed colors to encourage the shift in time. My comic challenges the reader’s normal left-to-right, top-to-bottom expectations by totally doing the exact opposite of that. In fact, I started my comic from the bottom left and ended it at the top right. It took me a lot of thinking to figure out this process. Even now, I look at it and understand the flow of the comic, but it might be too complex, and viewers may find some confusion following along. I figure that if they pay attention to detail, they can see that each frame leads to the next frame, step by step. Viewers may have to access this comic with an open mind when figuring where to go next.

There is definitely closure going on in my comic. More specifically, a good mix between moment-to-moment and action-to-action types of closure. Moment-to-moment fits for this comic because the frames are literally going from moment-to-moment. Especially, in the lower frames, there is more obvious signs of this closure. The caterpillar goes from walking on the ground, then approaches a tree, then starts climbing the tree, they near a branch, etc. I would say there is a little mix of action-to-action because at the ending frames, I portrayed the shift of time which changed the action of what was happening in the setting of the frames. Overall, my comic does describe the passage of time in the simplest ways. I figured that it is common knowledge that caterpillar’s transition in their cocoons over a period, so if that wasn’t known, I made it apparent that time was changing by the background setting of the sky. My strategy is inventive because I took an idea so simple and made into much more.

This is my first-time using Illustrator and I can say that I really enjoyed the process. Once I got into doing the project, I realized the process to create my ideas wasn’t as hard as I thought. Looking back, my biggest challenge was not knowing how to use illustrator, but now, I am at a comfortable point with it than I ever thought I could be. There is much I still need to learn. For the iconography aspect of this comic, I worked a lot with shapes which was my favorite part. I would say using shapes for this project made my task easier. Combining shapes was also something I utilized a lot in this project. Using shapes helped give my comic a more animated look to it. Working with Illustrator and vector graphics helped me increase my creativity and content in my comic. The only limitations I had was not knowing more of the infinite tools I could have used to make this project better. Like I said before, the shape techniques and tools were most useful, and it made my project a lively comic in the end.

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