Final Poster Comic: Hyelim Min

Project 2 Final Poster Comic by Hyelim Min

In my opinion, the readers are able to read my poster comic left-to-right and also top-to-bottom expectations. There are the two panels on the top that can read from left to right. And after those panels, the viewer is guided to read the comic by top-to-bottom. The closure in this comic works by the movements that is showing in time to time. When it shows the basic movements occurring, the closure such as movement-to-movement is clearly represented. I used the noise explosion from the microwave, “BOOM” so that the viewers can more easily understand what is happening in the scene. The linguistic mode matches with my panel which illustrates the microwave containing the bowl of happiness turns into the heaven. Overall, my comic describes the passage of time by actions and movements change time to time as the panel goes to the bottom.

It was my first-time using Illustrator program in my life. I learned that it goes different with the Photoshop program that we have used for the first project. While the photoshop is designed to edit photos, the illustrator program is based on depiction of my design based on shapes and lines. I used the iconography that is type of lines and paths because it makes my comic completed in free access in expressing movements and easier to illustrate whichever I want to express. I used pen tool and direct selection tool as most useful techniques while I illustrate this poster comic. I used it to move around the shapes and draw objects in a way that I want to express. Using the pen tool was confusing in the beginning because understanding the anchor points and use it to draw paths and curves was not a job that I was used to it.

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