Final Poster Comic: Isaiah Wilkerson

At first, I didn’t really know what to make a comic about. I’d doodle in my sketchbook to try and figure out exactly what I needed to do in order to make a good poster comic that met the requirements of my comic to challenge the audience from their normal “top-bottom”, “left-right” expectations. I decided to do a scene from one of my favorite shows: The Boondocks because I wanted to express my love for this show in an artistic, comic style way that caught the reader’s attention.


The Boondocks: Home Alone (remake) by: Isaiah Wilkerson

I chose a scene from an episode that had little to no dialogue to try and trick the readers to determine where to start when the drawings appear. This comic is still considered an “top-to-bottom”, “left-to-right” poster comic, so I feel like I kind of failed on challenging my reader. What I could do in order to fix it is to try and arrange my panels and still make sense to the reader. I believe that I used a “subject-to-subject” closure because I explained what was happening in my poster comic while staying within my scene or idea and gave the reader the opportunity to determine what could happen next. I used a little Linguistic mode for my poster comic to explain the relationship the two siblings have with each other. My comic describes the passage of time by creating an intense moment in time while staying within the same time frame.

Just like Photoshop, this is not my first time using Illustrator. However, because I was using a different computer from the last time I was on Illustrator, it took me a while to learn how to use Illustrator on a PC rather than a Mac. I used bold lines around my art to indicate that the scene was a loud and intense argument between two brothers. When the two brothers were pointing their BB guns at each other, I tried to make the lines a little thinner to indicate a quiet moment of them talking to each other quietly before the next scene that wasn’t displayed. I did this to create suspense as though the reader is reading the first page of a comic. The tools I used the most was the pen tool, the rectangle tool and the text tool. I used the pen tool for detailing my art and adding color inside each created shape, I used the rectangle tool for the panels and I used the text tool for the dialogue and title.








































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