Final Poster Comic: Emily Bartholomew/

This is my final comic project.

For my Final Comic poster, I decided to do it based on a real-life experience that I am currently going through. I thought it would be a good idea to make a comic on my relationship with my boyfriend that’s in the United States Navy. Everything that I put in my comic poster actually happened. I tried to not use words on my poster because I feel like its kind of a waste of space in comics. The only part that I really used in the comic poster was the little email letters that I typed out from the original message. I took parts and pieces of the original email that was sent to me and left some parts of the message out. There were many other email messages that I could have used but there was a part when he was gone that he couldn’t email me back so that’s why it jumped to another month. But other than the email letters that I use the only words that I used where cities in Washington that we both live in and the one where we met up at. The story of the comic poster is that he’s somewhere in the ocean on a Submarine and I’m at school in Pullman, WA. The only form of communication that we can use is email. Then the next day after I got the last email, he faces timed me and that meant that he was back home safe and sound, after his 3-month trip in the ocean. The last frame in the comic poster is a map of Washington and little white dashes ending up at Ellensburg, Washington where is the halfway point for both of us and met up there.

I had a hard time when it came to Illustrator. I messed up on the size of the poster, I accidentally had the poster set to 11pt x 12pt instead of 11 inches x 12inches. So when I tried to print my poster the first time it was really small on the paper so I had to redo the whole poster on a regular-sized piece of paper, but then I realized that it was still too small so I had to make it bigger with the help of the professor. But besides the size of the poster, the only other part that I had a hard time building was the getting what I had in my head on the computer screen. If I’m being honest the poster did not come out the way I wanted it to. But I tried my best with what I could work with.

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