Final Poster Comic: Sydney Seay

My poster comic for DTC 201 in the Fall of 2019.

My creative plan for communicating time in my comic was to play it simple, while also forcing the reader to participate. I chose to use the regular left-to-right and top-to-bottom format because I wanted to challenge the reader on time passing not forcing them to figure out where to read next. I guided my viewer through the comic using the typical comic boxes and flow. The closure I enacted was scene-to-scene because there are uncertain amounts of time passing between frames and actions that the audience can assume happen, but cannot be certain. I used the linguistic mode to show what class the character was taking at that point in time, making them picture-specific. The audience can understand the character is in class, but the words give more context as to what class. I see my comic as showing the passage of time as it does in life, sometimes obviously, what can feel like going on forever, or in other cases going by so fast the actions that happened are unclear.


This was my first time using Illustrator. I chose to use pretty basic iconography because I am not the most skilled artist. I think using more basic and familiar shapes makes the audience able to connect to the storyline better. Working with vector graphics was nice because it allowed me to be creative while not forcing me to go beyond my skillset. I don’t see the simplicity of vector graphics as a limitation, instead it made my confidence to make this comic higher. I used the pencil tool, especially holding the option key to draw a straight line, as well as the pen tool to create shapes. I used the brush tool to draw some backgrounds and food, along with the amazing layer quality of Illustrator. I pulled images forward and pushed others to the back by adjusting what order layers were being shown. I am still confused on the eraser tool, it does not work like one would expect so I just refrained from using it.

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