Final Poster Comic: Patrick Istvan

I am a fan of mythology and remember reading about Thor’s battle with Jormungandr, the world serpent.  I originally wanted to make the poster much bigger but found it way too difficult so I stuck with my original sketch which is just about setting the bait to fish for Jormungandr. My comic challenges the readers left to right top to bottom reading because there are few discernible gutters. The closest thing is a line dividing the top right and bottom panels but I filled it with random Nordic runes to offer more immersion. Jormungandr’s tail also seems to be almost trans

Thor setting bait for Jormungandr (the world serpent).

dimensional as it divides panels and is present and interacting with multiple panels while seemingly being one object not replicated in other panels like other objects such as Thor and the giant. This also plays into emphasizing the size of Jormungandr and eludes to how he may encircle the world in a more abstract way than literally how the mythological stories describe him. Regardless of the confusion that may occur by the obstruction of gutters it still reads left to right, top to bottom. The comic panels generally follow the subject to subject closure method as the scene and idea remains the same it just switches to different times and actions to fulfill the idea of setting the bait. I chose the font style to seem more transcript like. In the top left panel I used the word “Fushh” to indicate that the boat is moving. This also plays into the passage of time. I also believe the way Jormungandr is present in the panels at different times in while still being one, un-replicated, entity is inventive.

This was my first time using illustrator. Everything was new for me and thats also why I resorted to stick figures as my characters as they are easy to draw out. i just went into more detail for Thor’s helmet and beard. I still prefer drawing by hand as I feel it is much faster. I used Iconography in almost everything. The characters are stick figures which obviously represents people, the slashes on the boat represent the texture of boards used for the construction of the boat, the bump like thinks on Jormungandr’s skin is there to represent the texture of scales. Selection, Copy, and paste where the most useful as I thought it was pretty quick for replicating lines and then just slightly changing them.

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