Final Poster Comic: Phuc Tran


Phuc Tran’s Final Poster Comic

They said an attractive man is one who can make fun of himself, so I took that advice and that is how I come up with the idea for this project. I believe my comic follows the rules of left-to-right, top-to-bottom accurately that the readers can follow it easily. The first to second frame is an action-to-action as the character moved to a different action which is bringing the bowl to the sink after he finish eating. Another example is from frame 6 to 7, an aspect-to-aspect as it change the angle and focus in a different object. From the character to the sink. That is the reason why I minimized the character since he is far away and not the object I want the reader to focus on. The linguistic mode I used in the comic is mostly the character’s dialog, they are mostly addictive as the words are not necessary explain fully the images. But in frame 6 and 7 I believe they are more interdependent since they are the character reasoning and it is required the audience to read in order to understand that part. Overall, my comic describes the passage of time in a logical way. In frame 6 and 7 it may needs a little bit of time for the reader to read but the whole thinking process should takes the character in a flash. The scale is also a representation of a person’s decision which I believed is an understandable and inventive strategy.

This is not my first time using illustrator, I studied about it in COM210 and played with it sometimes. Object masking is what I learned from this project and it is very useful for making comic. For the iconographic, I used the scale and minimized the character at some part like the eyes but still leaving the eyebrows and mouth so we can tell what is his expression. Personally, I want to make more complicated drawings but Illustrator is more about minimalism and simplistic so that is a limitation for me. The tool that I used the most is pen tool, I used it to create most of the shapes which is very useful when it automatically filled the shape for me. The gradient is another tool I like, it creates the fade in color which makes the overall project look much more interesting.


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