Final Poster Comic: Janet Okeago



Final comic BROOK ACADEMY SCHOOL, Art by Janet Okeago ,10/30/2019

My plan for creating my own comic was to be in a position to tell a story and to enable my reader to understand how it flow and where to start from. The creative part was being able to use the shapes on illustrator to come up with funny characters that kids also could excited to read and colors. I wanted also to get my readers attention by using different tools and colors. My story included how our kids go to school and dress up in a school uniform every morning and at times they are late and they are afraid that they will punished. I also wanted to gain the experience using illustrator.

Being a first user in illustrator, it was somehow challenging since i was not sure what to begin with and i wanted it to be perfect. I realized you cant be perfect in everything. i was so stressed up and i didn’t want to make a mistake while using it. Forming the shapes and drawings by use of hand was the easiest thing for me and here came a challenging part which i have never used before in my life. I was able to talk to my friends who encouraged me how easy it was and after using the tools for each part i was really excited having learnt something new. I worked for 3hrs in just drawing the shapes which was time consuming and figuring out what to add to make it appealing was also hectic. I really enjoyed every part of making the shapes since some were funny that i had to make more of them to get used to using illustrator. My comic story tells a time where kids leave for school in the morning and we can see the use of texts and their facial expressions to go on and tell us about their disappointment for being late.

Using gradient where i was able to chose two colors was fun and also i used lines to divide the sections for my work which was easier to form. The shapes were great in that i used all the shapes including the rectangle, circles etc. I was able to use the selection tool this time round and being able to group them at the same time, arrange them at the back and front to make them look as one. One can also see the different colors used which are my favorite and i believe they look awesome. The tutorials were useful except for a beginner like me was most challenging to understand them, the shape tool tutorials were clear and easy to elaborate them on the technical part.

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