Final Poster Comic: Jack Kay

Comic created by Jack Kay

With a wide array of options on how to create my comic, the first idea that came to my mind was doing a cops and robber scene. I love chase scenes in movies so I tried to create a scene in which a robber was getting chases through a building and eventually escapes.  After the elevator scene the story was supposed to lead to the right, to a room in which the robber was cornered. The robber then opened the vent and snuck away from the swat team. Then the reader sees that the crook is in the vents as the swat team is searching the room. In the final scene the crook gets away unlike most stories where the good guys always win.

This comic challenges the reader because the direction is not just left to right, it goes in many directions. The actual scenes are located in a building and the building is a different color than the rest of the comic. The direction of the comic is easily tracked because of the scenes being placed in a time based order. In the room with the boxes, the boxes are moved to help the robber get out and also the vent is swung open; so the reader would most likely easily read from left to right. The comic displayed a scene-to-scene type of closure when displaying how the robber got out of the room. Displaying time was hard to show off because I did not include really any time of day. There is though, a sense of urgency because the swat are dropped off by helicopter and are led on a goose chase for the robber.

This was my very first time using editor and it was really fun to play around with on my own time. Once I organized my layers, the comic went a lot smoother. The thicker lines helped organize the story and helped create the building and what was inside. The colors I used were also really fun to play around with and really created a cool environment inside the building. Keeping shapes as one and moving them around was the most useful for me; after creating the characters, I selected all of them and were able to copy exact replicas and paste more guys around the scenes. This was a fun assignment and a great way to step inside the adobe illustrator application.

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