Final Poster Comic: Eddie Abellar

My poster comic for project two, Fall 2019.

For my poster comic, I created four panels. The first two panels were rectangles of the same size that were transformed to have diagonal lines. These panels help me to create moment-to-moment closure in my poster comic because it shows the same setting during a short period of time. These two panels can be read from left to right. The next two panels I created for my poster comic are positioned to the right of the first two panels, one above the other, and can be read from top to bottom.

In three of the four panels, the passage of time is represented by the clocks in each of those panels. Also, in two of the panels, there are lines that represent movement where the student picks up his homework, and the student running to get to class, which also represents the passage of time. The text I used in my poster comic represents the students inner voice, which is why the texts are placed in yellow text boxes instead of the traditional speech bubble.

This was not my first time using Illustrator, but I would still call myself a beginner with this program since this poster comic was only the second project I’ve made using Illustrator. Almost all of the things I created for my poster comic were made using the rectangle tool, ellipses tool, and the rounded rectangle tool. I used the pen tool to create the cloud in the third panel, the students shirt in the third and fourth panel, and the students pants and shoes in the fourth panel.

Learning how to use the eraser tool and scissor tool were essential for editing my poster comic. The direct selection tool was also a vital tool that helped me create the vision I had for my poster comic. I also found that the arrange button in the properties panel made it easier to organize my poster comic and structure it just the way I wanted.

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