Final Poster Comic: Ivy Padayao

For this project, I decided to create a story about my dog and a few of his favorite things to do. I wanted to create a story line where the reader was able to start at any point and still interpret the same information, so the layout didn’t affect the plot line. I think this is really effective in that wherever the reader begins reading the comic, everyone can still get the concept I want to get across to them. I also wanted to incorporate a sense of time within

Final Poster Comic

this piece. I did this by creating a larger panel of Jax sleeping in the middle, and more panels of Jax sleeping just around the larger panel. This tells the reader that for most of his time he prefers and loves to sleep. As for creating a sense of closure, I believe my comic reflects the action-action type of closure. This is because in each panel you can view a different actin than what was in the last one, and the reader can kind of make up their own story in their heads of what Jax prefers to do between each of the actions you can see.

This was my first timing using Illustrator, so there was a lot of trial and error when it came down to the project, but overall i’m happy with how my piece came out. When creating this piece, i kind of wanted to make it to have a more “cartoony” type of feel rather than realistic or stick figures. I think this helps the reader relate their lives to my piece, with maybe comparing some things their dog does to mine. The tools that were most helpful for me during the course of this project that I learned from the tutorials were definitely creating clipping masks, how to use the pen tool, and using the brush/shape tools. I have learned a lot about this program and it was super fun to learn!


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