Final Poster Comic: Erika Epperson

My creative plan was to do something lighthearted and simple looking. I decided to make my frames top to bottom and left to right because it would be easier to read and I felt like the simple layout worked well with my design. I put two boxes on top of each other because I wanted the layout to seem like a picture of a building as well as a comic. The type of closure that my comic had was action to action. In McClouds words, it is transitions featuring a single subject. In one moment you see the donut holding the phone, and in the next you see the phone down. Linguistic was a big part of this comic. Even though the title is “The Donut Shop” if you look at the backdrop it can be hard to figure out where the place may be, despite the donuts on the shelf. I put a poster advertising donuts to make sure the audience knew that it was a donut shop. I also added the open and close sign on the door as well, to make sure the location of the backdrop was clear. You can also see that the donut is on the phone with his boss. If there was no linguistic you would not know who he is on the phone with and why his face expression is changed.

Since this was my first time using Illustrator, I didn’t know what I was doing at all in the beginning, Although I slowly started to understand the tools better, there were a couple road blocks that I have encountered, but was able to figure it out eventually through Illustrator tutorials. I chose clean cut shapes to show the simplicity in the comic. I also chose to make a donut character because donuts are round and it shows the bubbliness of the comic as well. Even at the top you can see the roundness to the roof and also to a series of other objects, as well. Surprisingly I didn’t really have any limitations, even though it took time I was able to manage to make it look the way I wanted it to look. Though I will say if I had more time I would have maybe put some more details than I already have, although I have put some details  already, like the camera lens to the phone. The most useful tools while working on this project was the shape tools, pen tool, curvature tool, and the type tool. I used those tools a lot especially the shape tool through my whole process.

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