Final Poster Comic: Joseph Alonso

Created by Joseph Alonso. October 2019.

My comic, which I have dubbed “Frames Of Motion,” challenges reader’s perception by allowing them to read each panel in any order they want.  There is no one true way to read this comic, because they are scattered images of different kinds of motion that I enjoy in video games.  From running, to grinding, and even firing yourself out of a cannon, these are all things that make movement fun in platforming games.  However, two panels that could be seen as being read one after another in sequential order are the “Dive” and “Swim” panels, due to the coloring, and the placement looking like the man is diving into water.  The words describing the motion are not entirely necessary, as the images are self explanatory, however, the “Wall Run” and “Brachiate” panels are interesting to me because brachiating is the term for monkeys swinging through trees, and the “Wall Run” panel Ould just be seen as another variation of jumping without the description.

This is my first time using Illustrator, and I found the experience to be rather informative. Learning a new method of drawing aside, I learned that vector graphics allow you to fix small errors in your brushstroke that you would have to completely erase and redraw otherwise.  The only problem I had with Illustrator was coloring in the shapes.  I had to redraw certain lines to make use of the tool that fills in what is inside of the lines.  It makes me miss the simple fill tool from MS Paint.  One type of iconography that I used were the yellow spikes shapes.  When placed in front of the cannon, it turns into an explosion.  Placed on a wall with the man moving away from it, it turns into a splash of action to point out his kicking off the wall.  When placed on the rail behind the man, it turns into sparks that are generated from grinding on the rail.  The shape of spikes are able to be used for many different things, much like straight or curved lines displaying various directions of movement, which I also used.  Overall, I had fun making this poster, and I feel like it can give people a little more insight on my likes.

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