Individual Voices: Keanna Maki

Just Noise by Eroyn Franklin

Just Noise by Eroyn Franklin

From visiting the WSU Art Museum Collection Study Center, I found a piece of work that really spoked to me. This piece is by the artist Eroyn Franklin. The description of Eroyn Franklin states that they are a “Seattle-based artist who works across many mediums, pushing at the boundaries of traditional approaches to comic and narrative art.” When I read that she lives in Seattle, all her work that was shown at the exhibit felt more at home because she is here in our Washington. I wasn’t seeing her perspective from unknown places, only familiar places.

Within the piece that spoke to me which is called “Just Noise”, I feel that the artist makes her voice heard to me by the contents she included that made her work stand out. One of the obvious indicators was the speech bubbles that were cut out. It really adds individuality and uniqueness to the piece overall. Also, we see that the huge parts of this comic are the two characters involved. These two characters involved look like a couple who seem to be holding a conversation with each other. If it weren’t for the facial expressions and the empty cut out speech bubbles, you wouldn’t really know that the characters were interacting in any way.

Just Noise by Eroyn Franklin

Other things I noticed that made me hear Franklin’s voice is how she made this art. I feel that she gives off aesthetic visuals within the way she created this graphic. For instance, throughout the comic, we see that the couple starts off talking in a calm and happy mood. Then throughout the comic, we see the transitions of moods from happy to angry to sad. We see all this through the way Franklin added different emotional expressions throughout the characters to show a story through art. The art was consistently in motion as we see a story from beginning to end. In addition, we see Franklin adds even more content with the use of watercolors in the art. We almost see the watercolor matching the emotions the characters are going through. Eroyn Franklin made her individual voice heard without saying anything.

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