Individual voices: Janet Okeago

Unidentified Feeling Object by Miya Mahato at WSU Art Museum Study Collection-picture taken on 22/10/2019

During my visit to WSU Art Museum Study Collection we were able to see different comics exhibitions put together by different authors displayed on the table. We were able to identify different experiences on how these artist came up with some ideas in comics where the individual voices can still have a chance to be heard. Some of these comics are about the experience of life where by just looking without having words in them to explain what is happening we are able to figure out what the artists were trying to portray through the experiences we face in life, how nature can be important to the world and how the planet get to evolve each and everyday where we get the feeling that we are all identified as the world that we exist and are living and one way or another as time goes by we move every single day and there is a time will be no more and the planet still exists.

One of the comics that capture my heart was the one that shows more of the planet. the artist uses some unique artwork were she uses both cuts from a magazine with that gives the viewer an idea of having the planet and we have some line motion showing it is moving round and we have the feeling that somehow it is rotating to different directions. We can also see the sky is clear and the beauty of the stars makes it more amazing. The artist does not show a lot of wording but he or she does show the sound it produces and with the love picture I could express these feeling of love of human being being able to go and have different experiences on a different planet which could be more of our life experiences. In life we move to different places where we begin to experience different things in life and we fall in love with places we move to. As a viewer that would be my narration to this comic.

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