Individual Voices: Jake Bailey

Page from “Abruption” by Taylor Dow

When visiting the WSU art gallery, the comic I am detailing as an example of the comics voice is a page from Taylor Dow’s “Abruption”. In this comic you can see what seems to be a dark shadow copy of the character stealing what seems to be an orb of light. The voice to me is heard through the representation of what these pictures mean. You can see them as a personal struggle of light vs dark, or representation of how dark emotions seem to steal all light but either way when I look at this, to me, I feel what the artist is feeling. If not what the personal artist is feeling you can see the representation of everything and understand what the artist was thinking when they made this. The use of shading and shapes gives the portrayal of the darkness every where and that orb being the only form of light. Also, the 3 frames in the middle give a good sense of time as it physically shows the orb being swallowed and ending up in this shadows stomach and while there are no words on this page you can still understand the emotion of the character in the last panel showing him almost shocked and sad that he is losing his light.

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