Individual Voices: Tom McLean

Image from Jim Woodring – picture taken on 10/22/2019

During my time at the WSU Art Museum Collection Study Center, I got to see many works of art from many different artists and designers. After looking around I came across this large poster image from Jim Woording. This stuck out to me because of the simple use of line and spacing on the work. From what I can see, it looks like the tree is walking and just minding its own business. That is a great use of time shows that the image has a sense of motion to it. It’s an action shot. I feel like it was a good idea not to use words in this because it would take away from what Jim Woording is trying to show the viewer. And I believe he is trying to show the viewer a sense of life and complexity in natural life. His use of lines gives the tree a face and some facial expressions that a normal tree would not normally have. The tree looks like it is crying to me. Overall I really did enjoy my time at the WSU Art Museum Collection and I am glad that I got to see this work of art.

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