Individual Voices: Bailey Tompkins

Illustration by Max Clotfelter in the graphic novel ANDROS from 2011, Located in WSU Art Museum Collection Study Center.

This illustration by Max Clotfelter was displayed in the WSU Art Museum Collection Study Center from the Northwest Alternative Comics exhibition. In this image, Clotfelter made me feel sympathy yet relatability to the character in the comic. I interpreted the graphic to be a representation of the bird like figure trying to reach something that appeared to close within reach yet impossible to grasp. The bird is being held back by a leash that is making it impossible to reach the object it is striving for. The first two images show movement of the bird walking forward, so I interpreted that as the figure moving forward towards the food, but the food kept moving as well. The last image is when the bird realizes the resembles between the creature being pulled by a leash and the leash that is holding the bird. The voice that spoke to me about this comic is that the bird had a goal that seemed impossible, but that the lesson learned is that sometimes you can do everything right, but somethings just weren’t meant to happen.

This comic utilizes many concepts that have been discussed in our course so far. An obvious reference is the use of time and space. Time and space are used here because the sequential order of how the events of each illustration occurred is very clear. The image on the left occurred first, and then the image on the right, and then the image on the bottom. This is decided by the authors choice rater than leaving it up for the reader to decide on their own. The relation between images and words are also displayed. The only words in this comic are onomatopoeia’s.  These words help emphasis the exhaustion of the bird and therefore adds emotion to the comic. I would describe the relation between words and images in this comic as picture specific.

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