Individual Voices: Dahlia Xie

For this blog post, we got to visit the WSU Art Museum Collection Study Center in the Fine Arts Building. I had never gone inside the Fine Arts Building before and visiting the Art Museum Collection Study Center was a really enjoyable experience. I liked looking at all the different zines that were set on the tables, it was cool to see the contrast between art styles and seriousness of each zine.

I chose these pages from Sorry Sheets by Eroyn Franklin. This zine caught my attention because of its simple art style and minimal use of words. The relationship between the frames and time gives the zine a slow feeling, each frame is sequential and the character moves slightly. In the pages I included, Franklin showed a really strong feeling of helplessness. Since Franklin uses little text in this zine, the text that is used has a greater significance. In the second picture, the character says: “Hey.”, “You took my towel.”, followed by a long “heeeeeyyy!”. There isn’t any other character or any response, and it makes the character seem alone and invisible. The last frame on this page makes it seem like no matter how far her voice reaches, no one will hear her.






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