Individual Voices: Sydney Seay

This spread is by Mita Mahato’s zine ‘Sea’ that was accessed in the WSU Fine Arts Museum in Fall of 2019.

I chose two different two-page spreads by Mita Mahato. Her works are each very different across the board, and I connected with two pieces before even knowing they were both her work. I. found it very fascinating that one artist was creating pieces that were so different and unique, while still being so effective in evoking responses in the reader. I love this piece because it brings in more modes than just a page and ink on it. The paper is hand cut into intricate details to create the feeling of the ocean. I was able to interact with a copy, so the physical cuts of the paper were not able to be felt, however the reader still can feel the cuts through their own experiences. Using the two colors of paper allows for contrast that shows the depth and waves of the ocean and puts the animals in focus. This spread uses mostly lines, but not hand-drawn lines, instead cut lines.


This spread is from a zine by Mita Mahato that was accessed in the WSU Fine Arts Museum in Fall of 2019.

I loved this spread because it was very simple, but very intricate. The page is not filled to the edges with the shapes, and the lines are incorporated as the main storyline but in the background. These images is not confined to the lines of the box, but are on top of the box. The images appear to have been drawn in pencil and shaded, but the copy does not highlight that feature as much. The simplicity of the linework within the image shows simple creativity, which is something I was really drawn to within the work.

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