Invisible Emotion: Justin Pardini

Zapp #8

For my time spent in the MASC, I chose to look for interesting comics that had a lot going on, yet still had sequence and understanding within it. The first image I chose came from Zapp, and it shows a collage-like image. I thought this image showcases the fact that images themselves can tell a story, and be interdependent. This falls into Scott McCloud’s definition well, and gives the reader a cool viewing.





The second image that I chose the include comes from Kaz. Although I don’t know much of this comic, it shows the addition of lines and the importance that they have in comics. This imsage has lines that border scenes and even transcend into other scenes without collapsing the total scene. I thought this was very cool and is something that is of great importance when thinking of what to do for my project. Each frame is connected through the picture, almost as if there are no frames.

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