Invisible Emotion: Jack Kay

Emotion can be sent to the reader’s mind just by adjusting the line quality. Scott McCloud discusses how the artists can convey information simply by the line quality. In the comic book, Raw, by Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly, there is a page featuring a big crash. In order to conv

Crash Scene From RAW Comic retrieved from MASC

ey just how intense this crash is the panel takes up two pages. The crash features many lines of all sorts of quality. There are parts flying, stars flying, as well as items flying outside the borders of the panel. The crash includes a lot of different types of lines creating chaos. With so many lines being used, there is no true starting point of the comic. The very thin lines allows for tiny bits to be included very close to each other. The spatial room between each item also contributes in creating the chaos in the panel.

Chronicon Nurimbergce (1493) Retrieved from MASC

Although being presented in an old German language, the “Chronicon Norimberge” book displayed what seemed like a Duo-specific word/picture combo. The panel displayed a bird’s eye-view as well as side profiles of the castle In which the story was about. There is writing in the panels and describe each part of the drawing. The example shown to the left is from over 400 years ago and still is in tune with the information described by McCloud.

The one interdependent word/picture I could find

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 2 Retrieved from MASC

was located in volume #2 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The picture depicts the turtles fighting in the dark. If the words were left out it would make no sense and If the words were just shown then there would be no sneak attack planned by the turtles. The words and pictures go hand in hand with each other to describe the fight scene in the dark. The combination displays to the reader the sound effects going on in a scene that would otherwise be total darkness.

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