Invisible Emotion: Eddie Abellar

“The Amazing Spider-Man” #98, MASC Fall 2019.

The image I chose that conveyed the most emotion through lines was an image out of “The Amazing Spider-Man” found in MASC in the Holland and Terrell library. The image is of Harry Osborne, aka, the Green Goblin. The lines in the image create a close up of the Green Goblin’s face and show exactly what kind of emotion the Green Goblin is conveying to the reader. The lines on the Green Goblin’s face make it seem as though he is in shock, or worried about something or someone. The lines on his forehead create the visual of wrinkles or what some would call, worry lines. The lines that make up the eyes are angled up in a way that reinforces the worried feeling the Green Goblin is expressing in this image. The lines below his bottom lip show a quivering movement that also matches the emotion he is experiencing.



“The Spirit” by Will Eisner, MASC Fall 2019.

The second image I chose is from a comic called “The Spirit” and it accurately represents the picture-specific combination. In the panel, the superhero known as “The Spirit” is shown being shot by someone holding a pistol. The Spirit takes up most of the panel space but there is a hand with a pistol and a cloud of smoke representing the gunshot in the middle of the panel as well. In the cloud of smoke, written in capitalized and bolded letters is the word “BANG!“. This image represents the picture-specific combination because the word in this image is doing little more than adding a soundtrack to a visually told sequence. The “BANG!” informs the reader that the gun has been shot, and the visual of capitalized and bolded letters followed by an exclamation point gives the reader a sense of how loud the gunshot was.

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