Invisible Emotion: Bruno Signorelli

Page from Crazy Man on Vacation

This comic book is a great example of how line can have an effect on a reader. The entire comic book really does this well, and the emotion I believe it is able to make the reader feel the most is unsettling and chaotic. It is able to do this by the use of having very detailed random figures being used to fill the background of the pages. It makes every page feel chaotic by just how much there is on it, and it is also unsettling because of how these images are contrasted with the subject of the crazy man, whose already unsettling on it own. I chose this page specifically because of the image of the house which uses a different type of line work then the rest of the panel, which makes everything else look even more chaotic and unsettling because of just how normal the house looks.   

Page from I Saw It by Keiji Nakazawe

The combination of words on this page is an example of interdependent because both the image and words are needed to display the message that the author is going for. If it was just the image you wouldn’t be able to get any of the deeper meaning that the page has to say, but with just the words you wouldn’t get the same impact that the ending has because it would take away the connection it has to the subject which is himself, and you wouldn’t get the same sense of this is just the beginning of  the journey that the images are able to do.

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