Invisible Emotion: Erika Epperson

Crazy Men Go Wild

McCloud, in chapter five talked about conveying emotion through lines. I felt like the comic “Crazy Men Go Wild” was a good example of that because of the fact that this comic had a lot of lines and patterns throughout the whole book. The thing that really stood out to me were the abstract lines of these characters faces. It conveyed the emotion of chaos in these characters and it gave it a sense of uneasiness through the whole comic book.

Richie Rich Millions

In Understanding Comics, McCloud talks about the word interdependent, meaning words and pictures that go hand in hand to convey an idea that neither could convey alone. An example I found was in the comic “ Richie Rich Millions” In this scene the astronaut seem as though he is being tested to make sure he is prepared to go on a rocket ship to go into space. Theres a part in particular that has a good example of the word interdependent. After what I assume are the scientists, have said that its 5000 degrees below in there, the astronaut replies “I didn’t feel a thing”. If you just read the text itself you would believe that what he says is what he really means. But if you add the visual images to the frame, you can see that he is either lying or being sarcastic. You can tell because the image shows him with ice all over his helmet. And although he might be smiling, you can also see the rough, sharp lines that creates his head shape, that gives off the feeling that he is probably very cold. Looking at the words alone or the picture alone, it wouldn’t convey the same emotion or context as putting them together. 

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