Closure and Time Frames: Sydney Seay

Page from The Lightening Thief, originally by Rick Riordan, but adapted by Robert Venditti.

This page of The Lightening Thief shows aspect-to-aspect closure in my opinion. The shoes with wings are implied to be very important, but there is no text or explanation. The creator is requiring active participation by the reader to make a connection as to why the shoes are so important.  Having them like this makes the reader question if the shoes are ascending, meaning they are a good important, or if they are falling, and a bad important. They could be floating, which could mean they are going to be a permanent fixture of importance for the future of the story. There are no frames, which usually give the readers slight guidance as to importance, direction or time. One may infer that is because something of large importance of the story cannot be put into a frame, due to it squishing the significance.


Page from The Lightening Thief, originally by Rick Riordan, but adapted by Robert Venditti.

These frames are an interesting example of how creators control the time in a comic. The two frames on the top are starting in space, then an outside view of the house that the characters are sitting in, we presume. The following frames take place inside a house, which a reader assumes to be the house that was zoomed in on from space in the frames prior. The reader assumes that these images are all at the exact same time, and zooming in like in a movie, however there is no definite reason for that. A reader could argue these are meant minutes, hours or even days apart so the story of the hurricane from Poseidon hitting the home. There is text in the bottom frames that hints that they may be simultaneous, but they can still be inferred that they are not.

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