Closure and Time Frames: Erika Epperson

For my comic I chose Earl and Mooch by Patrick McDonnell. I chose this comic because I like the lightheartedness of the comic and the innocence of its humor. It reminded me of my childhood days when I would sometimes checkout library books like this one at my elementary school. 

Earl and Mooch by Patrick McDonnell Scan

McClouds definition of action to action are transitions featuring a single subject. In this panel you can see that there is a step by step of this dog bringing a ladder outside, putting it down, climbing on it, and starts serenading to the moon. It’s a single subject but the transition is the dog putting a ladder outside and singing to the moon.

Earl and Mooch by Patrick McDonnell scan

In this panel you can see the owner is looking for her dog. In the first picture you see  her at a pumpkin patch and then it cuts to her at an animal shelter. Between these two scenes most people would just automatically think that she walked from the pumpkin patch to the animal shelter looking for her dog. Even though there isn’t a separate frame showing her walking to the animal shelter, we just assume that. Although it doesn’t show it, she could have drove to the animal shelter or maybe even a took a taxi. Theres another part where she is standing while there are barking noises around her and then it cuts to her holding her dog. Most likely the dog didn’t just appeared out of nowhere, and into her hands like magic, at least most of us wouldn’t think that. It doesn’t necessarily show her finding a dog at animal shelter, but we, as the audience just assume that. Because you see her show up at the animal shelter then, all of a sudden she was holding her dog in her arms and seems very happy, too.

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