Closure and Time Frames: Justin Pardini

  1. Hip Hop Family Tree

    The graphic novel that I have chose to read for this month is the Hip Hop Family Tree by Ed Piskor. This novel delves into the roots of Hip Hop and DJ’s and multiple other historical upbringings of music. It looks at different artists and groups to truly show the influence they’ve had on contemporary music. One example I saw of closure was on page 46, where it shows an image of a group on motorcycles. This showed Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five spending their money on these motorcycles, which displays scene-to-scene and action-to-action sequencing. It gives the readers a glimpse of what they would do for fun, without straying too far away from the main purpose. Ultimately, I thought this image was cool and grabbed my attention, which is why I chose to include it.

  2. Hip Hop Family Tree

    The next image I chose to analyze in terms of interpretation, was an image of four different depictions of the same group, one from this era. I thought this illustration was interesting because it shows the members of the group, but in different outfits and demeanors, which allows the reader to think of different backstories and personalities for each. Although some members might be more well known than others, this page leaves lots of notions up for grabs, and gives room for the audience to create an illusion of their own.

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