Closure and Time Frames: Joseph Gardner


Page 45 of Poe: Stories and Poems by Gareth Hinds

This scene is primarily moment to moment. In this scene, the main character is lost in a dark room, wandering around aimlessly. In the first frame, he is entering the room. He continues walking in the second frame, which we can see by the movement of his feet. By the third frame, the character is getting tired. We can tell by the fact that there are shaky lines around the main character and he has a hand against his forehead. In the fourth frame, the main character is clutching his stomach and crawling on the floor. By the fifth, he is laying down, defeated. In the final frame, it goes black, signifying that the main character has passed out of consciousness. You can tell that there’s something going on, but there is a low amount of closure, so it is a moment to moment scene. There aren’t any drastic changes, they’re all very similar and emphasise the misery that the main character is going through.


IMG_20191010_133724757 (1)

Pages 38 and 38 of Poe: Stories and Poems by Gareth Hinds

This portrays half of an entire poem in one image. It is displayed chronologically from the top the bottom of each of the pages. The progression of the main characters relationship with his wife is shown through the images in each section. In the first section, it shows them growing up together and falling in love. Under this it shows the wife dying and being carried away in a casket. Under this, it shows the husband crying while sitting by the ocean. After this it shows angels, and it talks about the death of his wife. Under this, it shows various sea creatures. The passage of time is not immediately apparent to the reader, but through viewing the image and following along with the story, you can see that there is a connection between the images and the text, but it’s not meant to be happening all at once.


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