Closure and Time Frames: Patrick Istvan

The graphic novel I chose is Marathon by Boaz Yakin and Joe Infurnari. It is a story about the messenger who in 490 BC, ran from Sparta to Athens asking for help. His deeds resulted in the defeat of the Persians and the preservation of ancient Greece. It is also the inspiration of the modern marathon run. I chose this graphic novel because I am a fan of Greek culture and especially ancient Greece. I also thought that the illustration style is interesting because it has an almost rough “sketch” like appearance in the lines, which I thought was interesting.

Marathon by Boaz Yakin and Joe Infurnari

One example for closure that I found rather interesting is from page 8. Is where the young Eucles is tripped on his way to deliver a message. He must deliver the message but is sabotaged by friends of a runner he beat who was then executed by his Tyrant king father. I felt the “oh, no” moment when I was reading it and from what I gathered that trip is pretty momentous as it marks where Eucles life will change drastically. It is an action to action as Eucles is the subject which does not change even if you can only see his feet in the first frame. In the second you see him hitting the ground as he was tripped.

Marathon by Boaz Yakin and Joe Infurnari

As for time frames I chose one that shows something in motion within one frame. It is a sword being moved in front of a kneeling boys face before it is raised. It requires interpretation by the reader as if you where to look at it plainly and/or literally it would seem like it is a multi-bladed sword, which is not the case. It is actually being moved, indicated so by the lighter and incomplete outlines of where it would have been before and the darker more solid outlines of where it is in the more present time. This requires the readers interpretation as it would look very odd if the reader did not understand that it is an object in motion.


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