Closure and Time Frames: Dahlia Xie


The graphic novel that I decided to pick was a Japanese manga called Nana. The main reason I chose it was because the author was a big fan of the jewelry designer, Vivienne Westwood, (whom I am also a fan of) so a lot of her characters later on in the novel wear a lot of Vivienne Westwood. I didn’t know anything about the premise of the manga going into it, but as a fan of Vivienne Westwood, I had an urge to check out this graphic novel.

Nana by Ai Yazawa

I chose this scene, the first page in the book, to show an example of closure. Initially, the two scenes on the separate pages confused me but after reading a couple more pages, I learned this man, who had to move to Tokyo, was having an affair on his wife and had to tell not only his wife that he was moving but also the younger girl. After getting more background on the situation, I realized that these two pages are examples of scene-to-scene. On the right side, it begins with the man talking to his wife about moving to Tokyo, and on the left, it is the man talking to the girl he is having an affair with.

Nana by Ai Yazawa

I thought these panels show a good example of time frames. It doesn’t exactly show an image of the contrast in location to show time but in the bottom left frame, it shows a lot of movement in the grey, kind-of violent layer. That layer in the panel is definitely something I haven’t seen before to depict movement, but it shows how the man is moving quickly towards her in an aggressive manner.


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