Design Elements and Principles

Choose a single page or 2-spread from Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” that you’d like to discuss in terms of your new design vocabulary. Explain why you think McCloud’s layout is effective in terms of at least three of the elements and/or principles described by John Lovett. Make sure you demonstrate an understanding of both Lovett and McCloud.

This image is located on page 36 from Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics.” Based off of the reading described by John Lovett, this image contains texture. You can see the drastic quality change from McCloud’s original “cartoon” self and a more realistic figure

Image result for understanding comics

of himself. You can also see many different lines used for these two images. The image on the right is more simple, so he uses bold lines while using simple shapes to create his “go-to” image of himself (e.g. his glasses, his face structure, his fingers, etc.). The image on the left, however, uses more detailed lines to add more value to his facial structure to add another element to make his second self more realistic. 

Texture, in his description, is the surface quality of a shape – rough, smooth, soft hard glossy etc. Texture can be physical (tactile) or visual.

Line , in his description, can be considered in two ways. The linear marks made with a pen or brush or the edge created when two shapes meet.

A Shape in his description, is a self contained defined area of geometric or organic form. A positive shape in a painting automatically creates a negative shape.

Value is the lightness or darkness of a colour. Value is also called Tone

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