Design Elements and Principles: Tom McLean

Scott McCloud’s page scanned 9/23/2019

Design plays a major role in the creation of comics and for other pieces of artwork. In the picture to the right, there are examples of Scott McCloud using the elements of Direction, Size, and Texture.

With the first element of Direction, the comic is illustrating where the comic is going in the sense of purpose and meaning. From John Lovett, he describes that direction has three options: horizontal, vertical, or oblique. In this case with the comic from McCloud, the sense of direction is horizontal with vertical movements of pushing the narrative that he is describing.

The next element is Size. This element is a basic but important one to understand when creating a comic. Here, McCloud uses different sized panels in order to give a sense of space and importance in each panel. McCloud  wants the reader to understand that in his smaller panels, he is describing something in detail and needs to be payed attention to from the reader. With the larger panels, McCloud is is giving the reader a sense of space and using the larger size to give more artistic space to convey his message there. Size of panels and the space between them all have their meaning and are created for a specific purpose.

The last element is the element of Texture. This can be clearly seen in the largest panel on the page, being able to see depth, the use of the grass, and the texture of the house in the background. It give the reader an easier time to make sense of the illustration so that the illustration can give a sense of visual or physical texture as defined by John Lovett. In this case, Visual Texture is used to give the illusion of a physical texture. While this may not be the Mona Lisa painting, the comic still gives a sense of visual texture and it really makes the visual more believable and lifelike.

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