Physical to Virtual: Phuc Tran

This is the bill of my medicine for the stomachache I had in summer 2019

In the first day in CDSC I brought the bill for my medicine, the sticky note with a video game controller I got from our school esport club and a business card of my apartment. I could not use the scanner in the CDSC nor the one in the dimension lab so the one in Avery is what I successfully scanned and had this result.The detail that the scanner pickup is amazing although the file size is not that large ( about 3 Mb).

The reason that I chose this bill instead of other 2 object because it has more of a story with it. In summer 2019, My family and I went to Indonesia for a vacation for 4 days. In the second day of the trip I suddenly has a stomachache. It was a continuous pain last for the whole trips and it was really bad. I had a vacation but I could not enjoy anything rather than kept whining to my family of how bad it was. When I went back home, my father brought me to the hospital. I had a medical check and got medicine. After a few days of taking the pills, the pain stopped and I can finally get my life back.

In the future, I would like to scan something has more pattern like a towel of mine or clothes since everything I brought to the CDSC do not have that much of a color. For that reason, my result will look more interesting and eye-catching. In addition I also want to try out to scan something 3D and cover that object with some cover while scanning, this way my final project will have the depth rather than just a collaboration of flat material. In order to make my final piece more unique, I also want to have it contain some of my art. I have done arts since I was young and I believe bringing those up will make a great story.

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