Physical to Virtual: Dahlia Xie

On our first scanning day, I brought a booklet from the Leslie-Lohman Museum in New York. I wanted to use this booklet because it was one of the things I picked up on a trip to New York City this summer. The booklet was about the Stonewall Riots and it contained a lot of images and writing about the riots. I thought that a booklet would be a good thing to bring it because I could scan one page of writing and use many parts of it in my collage. After some reflecting, I decided not to scan any pages from the booklet because I realized that I didn’t want to casually use material from a booklet on such a serious topic.

Two vintage silver rings

I went into the AML to scan my items independently because the CDSC was booked. I decided to bring my KZUU lip balm and two of my rings to scan. I thought the items would present themselves very uniquely in the scan because I wanted to scan the round sides of both the lip balm and ring. Also, since my rings are pretty old, I thought it would be cool to see their wear digitally.

Next time, I’d like to try scanning in fabrics and items with more dimension and creasing. I liked how the chapstick turned out in the scan because the broken seal added some depth to the image. I also want to bring in items with more color, and maybe some transparent item like a box or plastic bag. 

KZUU chapstick


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