Physical to Virtual: Keanna Maki

On our first scanning day, I brought a mini heart, my work identification badge, and a medical wrist band. I wanted to scan these items at first because I figured I would base my comic on significant moments throughout my life. Basing my items from what everyone else brought, I knew I was definitely going down a different route. I saw that people were bringing fabrics and other cool items that got me thinking about things I should bring in to scan for next time.

Now that I learned more about what I can scan and an overall idea of scanning and resolution basics, I for sure want to change the items I am scanning. I definitely will scan some kind of fabric. I will also look for items that have a sort of aesthetic appeal to it. I know that I have to think outside the box when finding items to scan. Especially since that is the whole point of this project. If we look back at Lynda Barry’s comic “What it is”, you notice that there is so much items put into it. That is the goal with my project. I want to see it full of eye-catching items. I think having the same idea Barry did with my comic will make my work gain more attraction.

For my new scan, I ended up adding more aesthetic pieces of material and objects to my collection. I tried my best gathering things I knew would look cool for my project. Many of the products that I took to scan did not scan the way I thought they would so I had to take them out. The two scanned objects in the pictures attached matches the look I was going for. You can see that one is made of fabric and one made up of a type of metal. There are differences in the texture for sure, but if I were to collide the two pieces, I think it would give me something creative to produce for a comic. I will play around with my options for this project and see what looks good in the end.

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