Physical to Virtual: Hyelim Min

The day the class went to CDSC to learn about how to scan items for the first time, I brought our school sticker that I received during orientation. The reason why I decided to bring in this sticker was because to me receiving this showed me that I am now officially a Washington State University student and this is a step toward my future. The second product I decided to bring in was my personal pocket wallet. As a student who is interested in art, I thought that the uniqueness in the patterns on my wallet can be used to represent more of who I am as a person.


For my digital comics collage, I would consider to use items that contain a physical, virtual, and textural body. Being away from home is one of the hardest things when it comes to being here in college. However, after living here for a year, I’ve come to realize that I am surrounded by things that made me feel as if I am at home but what stands out the most for me is Korean money. Bringing this money to the United States helps me remember the reason to why I am here in college and that home is not far away from me and that with time I will return back to my home and use this money.

Scanned image of my pocket wallet, Fall 2019

Scanned image of WSU cougar sticker, Fall 2019






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