Blog#2: Physical to Virtual- Janet Okeago

During our previous class in CDSC we discussed on how to do Photoshop and scanning some of the items we brought to class such as a beep number that we use during races, i also came with some clothes not knowing what i needed but i had to come with a variety of items that i could use much decorative. and its in this topic where we learnt how to format our work and saving it into jpeg which is cool to learn.

These are Kenyan bracelets showing the national flag of Kenya.
Made by the bead makers in Kenya, Nairobi
used for decoration.

There are some items i intend to use for example the medals i got during races the awards also to be able to come up with some unique and cool items for my Photoshop. I realized if i used a variety of items my work will be presentable and attractive to the viewers and it will give me a great project to focus on.The bracelets are intended to be used just for decoration for most of the people.

This fabric made by Masai people in Kenya know as the African blanket
cultural practices

my main goal is to be able to talk more on sports since most items that i scanned have much to do with it. and also i have some items that are 5 dimensions that i am really excited to try out for my first project. the red Masai blanket is used for the Masai culture but nowadays people tend to buy them since they are beautiful and they represent one of the main culture in Kenya that makes them unique.

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