Physical to Virtual: Erika Epperson

scan of Oregon Zoo ticket

First day I brought a flannel, a ticket from the Oregon Zoo, and a trimet train ticket even though I decided not to use that one. Instead I decided to pick the flannel because of the lines on it. I thought that would be cool to play around with. I also picked the Oregon Zoo ticket because I realized I brought it in my bag when I came here to Washington, and it reminded me of back home.

scan of flannel shirt


Next time I do this again I would probably want to play around with more colors and textures. I might want to experiment with more fabric or even makeup might be interesting to play around with because of the bright colors and unique shapes. I definitely haven’t really figured out a theme for what it is going to be yet, but I really want to focus on the placement of the objects, the colors I use, and the texture. I really want to be able to expand my creativity with this project.

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