Physical to Virtual: Dane Graves


The first objects I selected to scan (which I didn’t at the time) were a couple of objects walletsuch as some different colored dish rags and a plaid designed washcloth. I also brought along some larger objects two of which I discovered weren’t suitable for scanning. When I finally scanned some objects I chose two relatively flatter objects this time around with some texture I hoped would be very noticeable after the scan. The first was my wallet that has stitches around the rim, a leathery appearance, and a coin imprinted into it. The second was a piece of yellow note card paper. It had dirty rough edges and a large amount of dirty coloration and texture from sitting at the bottom of my bag. I had different difficulties from both of these objects. The first object I scanned between the two was the piece of yellow paper. It had a lot of folds and wrinkles before it was scanned. I had crumpled it before to give it some extra texture, but all the wrinkles didn’t show up in the scan. They were most likely squashed


shut by the scanner lid smoothing out the paper. Next time I hope to get the wrinkles in objects such as this one. The wallet had the opposite problem. I had to scan the wallet without the top of the scanner closed. Unfortunately the scanner picked up on the ceiling a bit to well. I cropped it as best as I could then edited to the wallet in Photoshop to try and erase the ceiling surrounding it. This proved more difficult than expected as the ceiling was of similar colors as the wallet itself, making it harder to separate the two. When I scan objects again I will most likely scan the paper again to get a better scan hopefully including the wrinkles. I probably wont use the wallet unless I have some inspiration from it but I will try and find a similar texture from another object.

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