Physical to Virtual: Ruby Pitts-Cranston

The first day that we went to the CDSC I brought a postcard, a small cloth pouch, and a scrunchie. I picked these items because they were a variety of textures, materials and colors. I also didn’t know what items I would want to use for my comic at this time so I decided to bring random things instead. I ended up not scanning any of these three items since I wasn’t sure how I would utilize them in a comic, and instead brought items from this summer that are meaningful to me.

Scan of a plane ticket

Scan of a printed photograph

I haven’t fully committed to one idea yet, but I think it will be along the lines of what I did this summer. I traveled a lot and brought back a lot of small items that would work well for this project. For this post I scanned a plane ticket, and a printed out photograph. Although the plane ticket scanned fairly well, the photo isn’t quite as clear as I wanted it to be. I think this is because it was printed glossy, and has a decent amount of shine, so some areas of the scan came out a bit blurred. If I end up using this photo I will probably rescan it.

Some other items I’m considering scanning would be post cards, my passport, museum tickets, jewelry, and maybe foreign money. I also want to get a variety of textures and materials in my comic, so I will probably add in some sort of fabric, and also try and find some more three dimensional objects, since right now the only things I have are paper.

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