Physical to Virtual – Justin Pardini

On the first day that we went to the CDSC, I brought a card, specifically the Ace of Spades, a quarter, and a sticker. Although I wasn’t able to scan all of the items, I did, however, scan the card. I thought the pattern on the back of the card would look cool and could fit into my collage.


Ace of spades (back of card)

This scan was the first time that I ever completed a scan successfully. I think it’s cool how easy and useful this is and can see myself doing this throughout semester, not only for this class. I thought the pattern on the back of the card could make for a cool addition to a collage and could also serve as a part of a potential color scheme. It could also carry meaning in that it is part of a deck of 52, and that people typically play games with cards. Ultimately, it brings many possibilities and I had fun completing this scan.

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